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Home :: Activities :: Egas Moniz Fellowship in Interventional Neurology & Stroke
Egas Moniz Fellowship in Interventional Neurology & Stroke
Egas Moniz Fellowship Grant
SNIF offers scholarships to deserving candidates from the Neuroscience background for the purpose of training to become Neurointerventionists.
Duration: One year
Scholarship Grant: 10,000/-  to 15,000/- INR per month
Number of Scholarships: Two

  1. Qualification:
    1. DM/DNB Neurology
    2. DM/DNB Neuroradiology
    3. MCh Neurosurgery
  1. Preference will be given to candidates already working in a Neurointerventional facility
Date of application: January and July of each year

Curriculum (Egas Moniz Fellowship):
The curriculum of the fellowship aims to make the trainees independent clinicians/consultants.

Objectives: the trainees should:
  • Be acquainted with the current literature on relevant aspects of basic, investigative and clinical neurovascular practice.
  • Have acquired performance skills and the ability to interpret relevant clinical investigations.
  • Be able to diagnose, plan investigations and treat common conditions in the specialty by relevant current therapeutic methods.
  • Be able to manage neurovascular and stroke emergencies.
  • Be acquainted with allied and general clinical disciplines to ensure appropriate and timely referral.
  • Be acquainted with relevant education delivery systems.
  • Be able to identify, frame and carry out research proposals in their specialty.
Emphasis will be given on ‘Practical’ training other than on didactic lectures. Training imparted will be in the form of practical training in clinical neurology and neurointerventional procedures, departmental seminars, Journal Clubs, combined neurology and neurosurgical conferences, bedside case discussions, and video workshops.

Total duration of Neurointervention training is for one year, which comprises of

  • Theoretical Discussions
  • Observation of interventional procedures
  • Participation in various Neurointervention procedures and
  • Laboratory work on simulation modules on cerebral catheterization techniques, carotid stenting, brain aneurysm coiling etc.
Observational aspects covers
  • Learning Discipline of Neurovascular Catheterization Lab.
  • ABC of Neurointervention
  • Knowledge of Neurointervention materials and their handling
  • Monitoring and management of events during interventional procedure
Participation in seminar and symposium
  1. Reviewing the important literature published in old and new journals and analyzing it critically.
  2. Departmental seminar once a month
  3. Combined conference with neurosurgeons once in two weeks
  4. Journal Club (Neurology) Once in two weeks
  5. Neurointerventional conference once a month
Practical part covers
  • Hands-on carotid stenting simulator laboratory – Insight of hardware selection, tips and tricks of carotid angiography and stenting.
  • Step by step live carotid procedures including clinical diagnosis, carotid angiography with access demonstrating safe placement of catheters and manipulations of devices also with critical decision-making.
  • Performing cerebral and spinal digital subtraction angiography, brain aneurysm coiling, brain and spinal AVM embolization in part or complete.
  • Active participation (as first assistant) in doing carotid stent angioplasty, vertebral, intracranial stenting, brain aneurysm coiling, brain and spinal AVM embolization and vascular trauma of head & neck.
Clinical Research Work:
The fellow is required to undertake a clinical research project and must complete and publish the results in an index journal before he/she is awarded the certificate of completion of the Fellowship. He/she will also be encouraged to participate and present papers in various national and international conferences.