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Stroke Camps / Free Clinics

The Stroke and Neurointervention Foundation of India (SNIF) is at the forefront in the battle against fatal neuro disorders which are emerging as bigger dangers to the health of the people in India than the conventional diseases.

The fact that there is an imminent lack of awareness about neurological diseases in the people, and also the lack of resources to update the practitioners in the field, led SNIF to embrace a comprehensive programme of reaching out to the masses as well as the experts to take the problem head on.

The SNIF believes that no effective shield against such diseases can be provided unless and until all stakeholders, at all levels, are made aware. In its latest endeavor, SNIF has brought the services and the vision of a Stroke Free Society of world-renowned Neurointerventionist and India’s pioneer Stroke Specialist Dr Shakir Husain to the people of Rishikesh and Dehradun. A free OPD camp will be organized under the aegis of SNIF (Vyaapar Sabha, Dehradun Road, Rishikesh on 29th (10 am to 5 pm) & 30th Jan (10 am to 1 pm) 2011) where Doctors from MAX Hospital will provide the healing touch to the people of the 'Dev Bhoomi', Uttarakhand.

According to Dr. Shakir Husain, Director, Department of Interventional Neurology, Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi, “It is the most worrisome fact that Brain Stroke strikes Indians at a comparatively younger age than their counterparts in the West. Brain stroke occurs when blood clots in the arteries or veins of the brain. And it is not just the cases that comes to light, 40 per cent of the young population in India are at a high risk of stroke.”

Sharing his experiences with the diagnosis and management of stroke patients, Dr Husain said, “A 32-year-old young IT professional from Bangalore and his wife both came to consult me in Delhi with symptoms like occasional weakness in one hand and leg, and repeated episodes of numbness in right hand lasting for 15-30 mins. They could not believe it when they were diagnosed with brain stroke. There were shocked as generally people ignore such problems and do not associate these symptoms with serious problems like stroke.”

Some facts about stroke are given below:
  • 40% youth in India are at high risk of stroke
  • Rising instances of brain stroke among youth
  • 25 per cent of hospitalized stroke-hit patients in India are below 40 years.
  • Almost 50% show no symptoms prior to the time of stroke
  • Stroke represents 1.2% of total deaths in India.
“The problem is that people are much more aware about the symptoms of heart attack and they rush to a hospital even if they have a minor chest pain. But for brain stroke, the initial symptoms are often missed or misinterpreted as weakness,” explained Dr. Shakir.

Smoking, too, contributes, in putting somebody at a higher risk of brain stroke, as the fine pollutants in cigarette smoke are known to play their part in narrowing and blocking blood vessels in the body.
Stroke Camps / Free Clinics : Rishikesh
Stroke Camps / Free Clinics Stroke Camps / Free Clinics
Stroke Camps / Free Clinics Stroke Camps / Free Clinics
Stroke Camps / Free Clinics Stroke Camps / Free Clinics
Stroke Camps / Free Clinics Stroke Camps / Free Clinics
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