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Stroke & Neurointervention FoundationStroke & Neurointervention FoundationStroke & Neurointervention FoundationStroke & Neurointervention Foundation
Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation

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Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation
What is STROKE?
Brain is referred to as the control center of the body. Almost every body function is directly controlled or influenced by it. Although Brain is less than 3% of the body’s mass, it receives 20% of its total blood flow.

Stroke is defined as localized damage to brain tissues caused by loss of oxygen or internal bleeding. Depending upon the location of the damaged area, patients can lose sensory, motor, or reasoning ability. In many cases, strokes are fatal. read more......
Mission : Objectives :
The Problem:
In Indian subcontinent, there are far too few health professionals who are experts in prevention and treatment of stroke and endovascular neurointervention. Most of them are centered in the more industrialized cities, leaving significant regions of the country without help in this vital health area.. read more......
The Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation is primarily formed with the objective to dissipate information about the stroke and its risk factors and educate people and society at large for the prevention of stroke. Our efforts will be to achieve this objective by encouraging people’s participation in this mission of creating a stroke and disability free world. read more......

World Federation of Inverventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology
Course in Functional Neurovascular Anatomy

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14th Delhi Course on Neurointervention 12th to 15th March, 2019
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