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Home :: Success Stories : Brain Aneurysm : Priyangwada
It was November 2006. In the cold Delhi winter, we were getting ready for our annual Sri Lankan Musical Evening. In between attending college, practicing our various items such as dance performances and songs; being an office bearer of the Association of Sri Lankans in Delhi (ASLID), I was working in a frenzy to make the event a success. The big day arrives and I go to the Sri Lankan High Commission, where the event is supposed to be held.

Late in the night, back at home my parents get a call from Delhi. "Your daughter is seriously sick and was rushed to hospital. Come as soon as possible but don't come with a lot of hopes". It wasn't something they could wake up and realize it was only a nightmare. It was real. Bitter and hopeless. Yet, refusing to give up, they fly to Delhi. Straight from the IGI Airport they are taken SirGangaRamHospital where they face the hard truth. They see their only child, surrounded by wires and codes and stuck to a life supporting machine; fighting the biggest battle of her life-FOR her life itself.

All my life, I had been a real ' Busy Body'. In school I could be found more either on stage or in the play ground-acting, singing in the choir, or playing the Euphonium in the Western Wind Instrument Band. Going on to become the Head Girl of my school, holding responsibilities, carrying out duties, working under pressure, balancing multiple tasks under pressure had always been a part of everyday life to me. Yet another active, healthy child, I had not known the burdens of ill health, except for a series of headaches that came up in 1998 for a brief period of time. But now my parents are told that those long time ago headaches could have been the symptom of a soft spot in my brain, what could have caused this Brain Hemorrhage at any point in the course of my life. My parents recall the doubtful situation and my Doctor, Shakir Husain's and his assistants' patient explanation of the enormity of the situation. They still remember the Doctors, drawing diagrams, taking out scan copies and making it crystal clear. Going by the Doctor's suggestions, my parents agree to the procedure of Cerebral DSA and Endovascular Aneurysmal Coiling. Totally new and alien to such methods, stunned by the unexpected phenomena; they still proceed with utmost trust in Doctor Husain, that their child is going to be fine. In spite of a long list of possible side effects, they refuse to believe in the negative facts. As Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Muslims prayed from both Delhi as well as from Sri Lanka; coiling turns out to be a major success.

I opened my eyes. A monstrous list of possible side effects that that consisted of total/partial paralysis, blindness etc. are pushed far back to the margins as I recognized everybody. Oblivious of all the agony, fear and doubts, I recognized everybody. Clueless of the days that had passed, all I wanted was to go and start life from the night it had stopped. To me, it was as if time had frozen. When the Dr came and asked me, "So, Priyangwada, are you ready to go home?," my reply had been, "No Doctor, I am with a group of people and I have to perform a dance. So I can't go home. I have to sing a song and people are waiting for me." True, the memory had failed me but not the will. I was BACK and back to life. Nothing was going to stop me or tell me that I couldn't. Amidst cheery smiles, sighs of relief and tears of joy, I was discharged and I couldn't even understand what all I had gone through. We were a foreign family, caught up in a horrible situation. But not only the Doctors, but also their assistants, nurses to the Sir Ganga Ram hospital staff, even the girls at the Reception Desk had developed a certain bonding with my family and had made them feel at home. Their small gestures of kindness had touched my parents with such warmth, making life easier for them at that difficult moment.

From a dilated pupil of the eye, that reached its normal position, the things worked out exactly at the timing of what Dr. Husain predicted. I looked a picture of health for somebody who had gone through a Brain Hemorrhage. Though the temporary loss of memory at times hurt me and put my level of confidence down on and off-I cannot believe the agony I would have gone through, had it been an open skull surgery. As stupid as it may sound to lament over a loss of hair at a critical situation like that: one has to consider it with other consequences. There I was, not able to  grasp what exactly happened, my memory power failing me often-if I was to see myself with a bald head; without my curly crop of hair, it surely would have been traumatizing. To come to terms with what happened to you, how you look, why you forget things and the unanswerable question of DO I DESERVE THIS, would have been too complicated when you are far from your normal, stable, rational self. It makes me think today, that I would have gone mad, have I woken up to see myself without hair; with the memory loss complicating it even further. Even at home in Sri Lanka, it was obvious that everybody expected to see a far worse picture. Since we are so used to one simple form of appearance, where  a Brain Stroke victim is concerned-I surprised everyone.

No scars, no marks, hair as curly and unruly as ever, the same talkative self though a little haywire and repetitive at times, I still looked a picture of health. Unless someone spoke with me, very closely for a considerable time, not even the forgetfulness could be detected. Medical Miracles or whatever one may call it, I am so glad that it happened while I was still in Delhi, where the BEST Medical treatment was available. My parents were given the option of Neuro Intervention as the best and I am grateful that they were bold enough to place their trust in the Doctor. It could have happened to me at anytime during the life span. But God chose the best time and the best place where nothing but the best medical care was available. It is said that "A coincidence is a small miracle where God chose to remain anonymous". In my case, His miracle was performed by Dr. Shakir Husain. It's a story of unwavering faith in God, combined with utmost belief in my Doctor's ability.

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also the love of humanity"; Hypocrities said it the best, while I live today as a testimony of such a miracle-an achievement for the field of Medical Sciences and more importantly a HOPE FOR HUMANITY!