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Stroke & Neurointervention FoundationStroke & Neurointervention FoundationStroke & Neurointervention FoundationStroke & Neurointervention Foundation
Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation

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Home :: Objectives
The Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation is primarily formed with the objective to dissipate information about the stroke and its risk factors and educate people and society at large for the prevention of stroke. Our efforts will be to achieve this objective by encouraging people's participation in this mission of creating a stroke and disability free world.

  1. To create awareness about the stroke and its risk factors, which are modifiable, to eventually reduce the risk of stroke.
  2. Collaboration among research groups.
    • SNIF will promote research and advancements in the field of Stroke and neurointervention through research grants and scholarships to individuals, institutions and organizations dedicated for the similar goals of advancement of Stroke research & Neurointervention.
    • SNIF will reward and felicitate research and researchers for their outstanding work in the field of Stroke and Neurointervention. 
  3. Educating the masses
    SNIF will improve the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of stroke, particularly among vulnerable populations.
  4. Public Relations
    The SNIF will work to increase visibility and credibility of its activities among stroke clinicians, researchers, other health professionals, international organizations, and the general public. This will be accomplished through publications, surveys, campaigns, and organization of camps.
  5. Medical help
    To provide medical help to socio-economically underprivileged and needy patients, which may be in the form of medicines, or economic help for treatment.
    It may include arranging for a treatment in a hospital either free or at subsidized rates including consumables, devices, medical, residential or other facilities, either to the patient or attendants of the patient or both.
  6. To provide fellowships and grants to trainees, researchers and faculty for learning and advancement of knowledge of stroke & Neurointervention in following forms.
    • Books and other educational materials.
    • Fellowship grants for tuition fee, hostels, accommodations etc.
    • Travel grants for travel within the country or outside the country for attending conferences, professional meetings, workshops and courses.
  7. To establish and run a prototype model of Stroke & Neurointerventional Institute with research and training facilities to provide comprehensive treatment and care to patients of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.
  8. Rehabilitation
    To help stroke patients with disabilities to become independent in their day to day activities and livelihood by rehabilitation and occupational therapy. To promote research and development of cost effective tools of rehabilitation for the masses.
  9. To create and run a state of art Stroke Rehabilitation and research center.
  10. To help and promote research and indigenous development of various high-end interventional materials like catheters, stents, coils etc.
  11. Financial & material relief to mankind in situations of natural/manmade disasters like epidemics, floods, earthquake, drought, famine and war.
  12. Any other charitable objectives as may be deemed fit by the Trustees.